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Reserch & Innovation

we operate a prototype proposal program within
5 working days from the customer's request date.

BLB corporation. holds patents for manufacturing and technology of specialized beauty tools.

We developed the world's first quadruple puff that optimizes adhesion so that the contents do not leak over the puff, and we can make original and innovative suggestions for various needs of our customers.

For the first in the industy, we build a separate antibacterial and post-processing facility to produce products that are safer for skin and can be used with confidence.

In addition, to deliver products that meet strict quality inspection standards, we conduct optimal quality inspection such as toxic substances test (external authorized agency FITI), antibacterial test, separation strength test, washing test, hydrolysis resistance test, and fluorescent substance test, etc.

We are leading the market by commercializing a Vegan-Certified puff for exclusive in Korea, and we are proposing customized solutions for each layer to develop original and innovative beauty tools.